We are the leading manufacturer of autoclave in ahmedabad gujarat india. our autoclave are very useful for sterilize lab glassware, garments etc.

The outer chamber is made of thick gauge Mild Steel while inner is made of 304 grade Stainless Steel. Lid is made of Mild Steel with inside lined with S.S. for double protection. The unit has Radial

Locking arrangement for the lid. Provided with built-in safety valve, pressure gauge, pressure release valve. Pressure is adjustable from 5 psi to 20 psi Supplied complete with cord, plug etc. To operate 220 volts single phase 50 cycles.

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Electrically heated by special flange type/immersion type heaters bearing ISI mark, to work on 220 volts single phase 50 cycles.

Working pressure :-

The pressure inside the chamber is variable from 5 psi. to 20 psi. But the normal recommended pressure for sterilization process is 1.2 kgf/cm sq.g (15 psi – 17 psi)

Working Temperature :

121° C – 134° C


2.5 kgf/cm sq.g (35 psi)

Features :

  • Double safety        radial       locking arrangement.
  • Stainless steel steam release valve.
  • Spring loaded safety valve of stainless steel (grade SS-304)
  • Water valves.
  • Water level indicating gauge glass with stainless steel guard.
  • Pressure gauge.
  • Electrical control   box,   fitted   with toggle switch, indicating Neon lamps and steam release valve. Foot paddle lifting device

Dimension (Dia) x (Depth)      Volume (in liters)

250 mm x 450 mm                                   22

300 mm x 500 mm                                   35

350 mm x 550 mm                                   52

400 mm x 600 mm                                   72

450 mm x 650 mm                                   91

450 mm X 750 mm                                 116

550 mm X 750 mm                                 175

550 mm X 900 mm                                 210

Optional :

  • Automatic Pressure Control Switch : This semi-automatic device controls the pressure inside the chamber mechanically and cuts-off the current from the heating elements, when the desired/ set  pressure value  level is attained inside the chamber and restarts the mechanism once the pressure inside the chamber falls from the desired level.
  • Automatic low Water Cut–off Device : This device is a safety device which protects the heaters from running dry. This device ensures that the machine is automatically switched off in case the desired water level falls below the prescribed level:
  • Microprocessor based   Temperature Control with digital display-
  • Digital temperature indicator:
PDF - Bomb Calorimeter Price