Color looks different under different lighting condition. When one uses a Color Matching Cabinet it helps in marking the difference. Color Matching Cabinet measures the color difference between two samples. RASAYAN provides you with high reliable and accurate Color Matching Cabinet. Color Viewing Cabinets is equipped with most accurate light cabinet for visual evaluation of fabrics, garment, cloth, textiles, and leathers and so on.

Color Matching Cabinet booth is used for visual assessment of color under 6 standard lights. Color Matching Cabinet, Light Box, is suitable for yarn, fabric dyeing plant, and garment manufacturer and exporters. Suitable for staining, change in color test by using grey scales during color fastness test.It checks matching under a standard light source in a closed environment to minimize the interference of external lights.


  • Cabinet is made of Teakwood, Ply Board & Sun mica, with strict adherence to international standards. (metal body also available at extra cost.)
  • Supplied with major tube lights & bulbs for quick and accurate color assessment.
  • Fitted with Electronic/ballasts for Instant start & power saving to safeguard the expensive & sensitive tube lights & bulbs
  • No warm-up; No flick; No heat emission; Elapsed Time displaying of each light source.
  • Energy saving; Efficient illumination.
  • Compact; High quality with low price.
Artificial Daylight Fluorescent Lamps (D-65) 02 Nos. (18 W)
Tungsten Filament Lamps 04 Nos. (40 W)
Cool White Fluorescent Lamp (CWF) 01 No. (18 W)
Triphosphor Fluorescent Lamp (TL-84) 01 No. (18 W)
Ultra-Violet Black Lamp 01 No. (18 W)