HOLYSCIENTIFIC is one of the leading science equipment manufacturer & exporter our equipments are widely used in many industries like laboratory sterilization, clean room, microbiology, pathology, bio technology, pharmaceuticals, seed & soil testing, metallurgical, food processing and many more. Our stability chamber are widely used in pharmaceutical companys, biomedical storage, food processing and many other industries.


Stability chambers are environmental test chambers used to test the effects of specific environmental conditions on products and specimen. By allowing precise control and consistent temperature and moisture conditions within the chamber, a researcher can use the stability chamber to measure the effects of humidity and temperature on objects by manipulating these factors.


we are leading manufacturer of stability chamber also known as humidity chamber and environmental chamber. Our stability chamber has double wall construction. Inner chamber made of thick highly polished stainless steel 304 sheets with self support for wide range of shelf spacing. Supplied with three perforated shelves. (As per model) Exterior made of thick mild steel sheet duly finished in enamel paint or pastel mat finish colour combination.

Stability 600 400 - Shaking incubator manufacturer

Outer double wall door is provided with magnetic gasket and lock & key arrangement. Inner door of our stability chamber is made of clear acrylic sheet of glass allowing inspection of material in the chamber without disturbing the chamber temperature. Door operated inner illumination has been provided. The gap between walls of equipment are filled with PUF (poly urethane form) which insures maximum thermal efficiency as well as reduce power consumption in our Stability chamber. Air circulation fan provided to make air circulation throughout the chamber. The temperature can be regulated within the range by means high precision double action controller. Castor wheel for easy movement. Fins type S.S tubular heater for stabilized accurate process temperature. A control panel is provided with various indicators lick ON/OFF switch cord plug, Heater indication lamp, etc.

Other Details:-

Electronic Controlling Feature
  • Independent Displays fr Temperature & %RH
  • Input Versions : ‘Dry Bulb / Wet Bulb’ r Temperature / RH Transmitters
  • Facility to View & Set Min / Max Process Values
  • Two Programmable Alarm outputs
  • optional Serial Communication Port
  • PLC based controlling with touch screen.
Technical Features
  • 25 C – 60 % RH/40 C – 75% RH/30 C – 65%RH / 25 C- 40 % RH/40 C – 25% RH/ 30 C –35% RH.
  • Humidity range: 25% to 95 % RH. Accuracy / Uniformity+ 2% RH+3%RH
  • Temperature / humidity display: Digital LED 3 1/2digit
  • Control: – microprocessor based PID controller With auto tune.
  • Resolution: – 0.1 C/ 1 % RH
  • Temperature sensor: – PT100
  • RH sensor: – Direct capacitance type.
  • Heating: ‘U’ shaped NICROME wire heater in SS sheathing
  • Cooling: CFC free Copeland make compressor utilizing eco friendly refrigerant, with condenser, motor & relay.
  • Steam injection: – boiler with reservoir made of thick SS, with heater, water inlet control, low water level safeguard.
  • Air circulation: – flange motor with impeller/ blower
  • Construction: – Double wall, with insulation, outer door key lockable, inner glass viewing door
  • Chamber illumination: – fluorescent light with door switch or 15 watt bulb for clear vision (As per the model.)
STD Model
  • outer cabinet mild steel powder coated.
  • Inner chamber SS 304 grade
GMP Model
  • Outer cabinet SS 304 grade dull matt finish.
  • Inner chamber SS mirror finish

Our units are provided with door operated illumination system comprising of fluorescent lights. Front panel of our units comprises of on/off switches heating, cooling and mains indicator lamps, temperature controllers and voltmeters.


  • Pharmaceutical Shelf-life Testing
  • Accelerated Stability Studies
  • Testing and Storage for Cosmetics
  • Expiration Date Testing
  • Animal Health Products
  • Accelerated Aging Studies
  • Pharmaceutical Products
  • Nutritional Supplements
  • General Products
  • Personal Care Products
  • Medical and Biomedical
  • Packaging Materials


  • 75 mm Polyurethane Insulated Panels, 100% Foamed-In-Place
  • S.S 304 matt finish Interior Surface Finish
  • M.S powder coated outer surface (S.S 304 made outer surface also provided as opional)
  • Exceptional Temperature And Humidity Uniformity
  • Humidity Control At Sensor: ± 3%
  • Temperature Control At Sensor / Set-Point: ±0.1° C
  • High / Low Alarms
  • Flexible Configurations
  • Complies With CE standard
  • Energy Efficient Offering-Lowered Maintenance Costs
  • Pre-tested, Pre-charged Refrigeration Systems
  • Non-proprietary Controls
  • UV sterilized ultrasonic humidification
  • Temperature Range of 20°C to 40°C 25°C/60%, 30°C/60%, 30°C/65%, 40°C/75% capability
  • Controls with Auto-tuning
  • Compact size allows for easy fit through doorways
  • LED light inside for illumination inside the working area.
  • Castor wheel for easy mobility.

Optional Features :

  • Added Dehumidification
  • Extended Temperature And Humidity Ranges
  • Stainless Steel / Special Surfaces
  • Corrosive Resistant Equipment
  • Added Redundancy in Controls and/or Conditioning
  • Data Logging and/or Chart Recorders
  • Calibration / Validation / Maintenance Services
  • Touch Screen Control Interface
  • Electronic Door Lock with Data-Logged Access

Technical Specification:

Model RS3A RS6A RS10A RS12A
Workspace Volume 84 liter 168 liter 280 liter 336 liter
Internal Dimensions
W x D x H
Inches (inch)
18” X 18” X 18” 20” x 22”X 30” 24” X 24 X 30” 24” X 24” X 36”
External Dimensions
W x D x H
Inches (inch)
Temperature Range +2°C to +70°C
Optional Humidity Range 20% to 90% RH
Temperature Control
(In Time)
±0.1 to 0.2°C
Temperature Uniformity
(In Space)
±0.3 to ±1°C
Humidity Control
(In Time)
±0.2 to ± 1%
Humidity Uniformity
(In Space)
±0.5 to ±2%
No. of Shelves 2 3 4 6


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