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RASAYAN is the name who known as the prime Supplier of the advanced Kjeldahl Distillation cum digestion Unit. The Kjeldahl Distillation cum digestion Units have a minimum of 3 mantles and a maximum of 6 mantles which are made of a knitted layer of glass fabric combined with flexible heating element, encased in Mild Steel Housing. Over and above this layer of glass fabric accommodating the flexible heater, another layer of glass cloth is placed on the lower mantle, held firmly by a circular aluminum rim to hold the mantle in position and also ensuring the safety of the Heaters. These mantles are designed so as to hold any size of R.B. Flasks from 250ml to 500ml capacity. (Higher capacity is also available on request).


In addition to the above, these units are provided with a fume duct made of PVC or S.S ( As per model.), having holes to accommodate the necks of the flasks. This duct is held by clamps, suspended on a stand and has an easy mobility for both horizontal and vertical movements. Our Kjeldahl Distillation Unit is supplied with Rods, Clamps & Holders but without any glass parts.

Other Details:-

  • Distillation Units:

In addition our Kjeldahl Distillation Unit consists of a Condensing Tank made of galvanized sheet, spray painted, provided with individual condensing taps made of stainless steel. Sufficient space is provided behind the Mantle Housing to accommodate the Receiving Flasks. The Unit is supplied without any glass parts.

  • Digestion & Distillation Combined Unit:

Both the units as mentioned above are placed on a painted MS angle stand with their respective controls. The unit is supplied without glass parts.

  • Power supply:

All the above units are operated on 220 / 230 volts, AC supply, single phase.
The temperature shall range up to 350oC controlled by a Sunvic Energy Regulator, single or individual controls, as may be desired. The corresponding indicating Lamps, ‘ON’ / ‘OFF’ toggle switches etc. is provided.


Mantle Type heating system.
Supplied complete with two sets of Mantle type heating platforms, one for distillation and one for digestion.
Supplied complete with condenser rack, FUME DUCT and pair of hangers.
Complete set up is supplied a M.S. Tubular stand.
Both units are supplied with individual energy regulators.
Rating of each test : 200 Watts.
Supplied with or without Glass Parts & Clamps.

  • Temperature Control / Range:

Temperature Range: + 5°Cfrom ambient to 3000C
Temperature Sensitivity: +/- 2° c or better.

  • Optional:

PPI PID based programmable controller with original sensor Temperature Accuracy: < 0.5 °C: -Rate: 5800/- nett extra Original borosilicate glass parts. Fan or blower system for exhaust acidic fume.