The RASAYAN dry bath is an ideal instrument for Enzyme Reactions, Inactivation of Sera, Incubation, and Other Laboratory Procedures. RASAYAN make dry bath is useful for various applications in the fields of medical and industrial researches for heating, drying, sterilizing and baking in laboratories, hospitals and industries.

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The outer chamber of the dry bath is made out of heavy gauge mild steel sheet duly aesthetic colored powder coated after passing seven tank acids wash procedure. Block made out of heavy quality aluminum with suitable sized hole for inserting glass vials with sample. A gap is filled with good quality of insulated material in between aluminum block and outer chamber has been kept to prevent loss of temperature due to environmental condition. Heating element of 1000 watt (wattage may vary

depending upon the size/volume of the ovens) has been fitted at bottom of the aluminum block to heat the sample uniformly. Microprocessor based PID temperature controller with inbuilt timer for accurate temperature controlling with PT-100 sensor. Solid state relay (optional) for over current protection. Alarm for sensor break & end of the cycle indicating.


  • Block: heavy quality aluminum casted block.
  • Heating elements: – NICROM wire type or plate type heater (as per model.)
  • Power supply: – 230V + 10 % AC 50 Hz
  • Insulation: heavy grade glasswool or cerawool insulation for reduce thermal losses & power consumption.
  • Instruction manual to be provided for easy operating & maintenance.
  • Temperature Control: By digital Dual display Temperature controller with PT 100 sensor
  • Temperature range:-+50C from ambient to 1500C
  • Temperature resolution: 0.10C
  • Timer: inbuilt timer will be provided along with alarm for setting up the cycle time & automatic intimation after complete the cycle & sensor break.