Rasayan muffle furnace is double walled convection heated unit. Outer body of the unit are made of heavy gauge CRC sheet duly pretreated with primers rust free well finished powder coated. The inner chamber made of special design ceramic material. The gap between both chambers filled with high density sera wool for super fast heating & reduces heat loss & power consumption.

Other Details:-

  • Heating:

Indirect heating system provided in our units compressing of air heater made of heavy gauge A-1 grade nicrom wire of suitable wattage (silicon carbide rod heating also available at optional.)

  • Front Panel
    Front panel of our unit comprise of ON/OFF switch, temperature controller, main cord, heater indication lamp etc.
  • Features:

Microprocessor based four digit seven segment Dual digital display type PID controller for accurate temperature controlling.

Dual display upper display shows actual temperature & lower display shows set point

High density sera wool insulation permits faster heat up, reducing heat loss & energy consumption

Embedded heating element on top, bottom and both sides improves temperature uniformity

Side opening door doubles as a shelf for loading and unloading

Door safety switch stops power to heating elements when door is opened. (Optional)

Thermocouple break protection cuts power to heating elements, preventing a •thermocouple failure runaway condition

0.95 cm (0.38 in) diameter port in chamber rear for monitoring temperatures with independent measuring devices

Includes: Thermocouple, line cord and plug

  • Alarm:
    Audio visual alarm facility when process complete at optional
  • Temperature Control / Range:
    Temperature Range: +5°C to 1000°C or 1100°C or 1200°C
    Temperature Sensitivity: +/- 2° c or better
  • Optional:
    PPI PID based programmable controller with original sensor Temperature Accuracy: < 0.5 °C: -Rate:


SR.NO. Model Working chamber size
1. RM9A 9” X 4” X 4”
2. RM10A 10” X 5” X 5”
3. RM12A 12” X 6”X 6”
4. RM18A 18” X 9” X 9”