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Bio safety cabinets are applied in microorganism, biology engine and some place which have rigorous requirement to working environments. We specialize in both standard and customized models of bio safety cabinet , specifically designed to meet the challenging demands of various scientists for individual and specialized research applications. Over a short period of time RASAYAN brand have been established as reliable exporters of bio safety cabinet in India. Apart from that we are supplying our bio safety cabinet in India, catering to a variety of customers ranging from Defense Installations, Research Laboratories, Educational Institutes, pharmaceuticals and various R and D laboratories of leading national and multinational companies.


The front panels of bio safety cabinet are detachable and easier to remove for filter. Visible windows with anti ultraviolet toughened glass or clear acrylic or clear poly carbonate sheet and the height of glass can be adjustable easily due to counter balance facility. If the height is higher than safe level, the audible and visual alarm will be opened & blower cut off till door not come at safe level. The cabinet all manufactured by pharmaceutical approved 304 grade stainless steel OR mild steel OR aluminum and the left, right and back bins of cabinet are manufactured together with arc angle will make easier to clean the side of cabinet. A control panel is provided with various controlling switches lick mains ON/OFF U.V & florescent (if opted.) light ON/OFF switch cord plug, manometer for flow, etc. Fully PLC based controlling available at extra cost with air flow rate controlling.

Other Details:-

  • Contaminated Pressure Plenum: Negative Unitized drain pan beneath the work surface allows best arm positions the user’s lap.
  • The airflow design creates a more impenetrable air barrier or momentum air curtain at the front of the cabinet, increasing the cabinet’s protective capabilities and avoiding cross infection.
  • With strong wind form the draught intake in side of cabinet, which will clear the round airflow up in lateral cabinet and prohibit the moving of contamination.
  • High efficiency filter system: input and output of air will be filtrated by ULPA filter and its efficiency is more than 99.97%. The pressure sensor or manometer (as applicable.) will watch the working condition of filter from time to time and blow alarm (only in PLC based model) if the pressure is over the setting value.
  • Ultraviolet light safety: the UV light cannot be opened when the fan, visible window and fluorescent light are running.

Our units are provided with door operated illumination system comprising of fluorescent lights. Alarm for low air exhaust value, Alarm for low air-velocity of down laminar flow, Alarm for fault of exhaust fan, Alarm for closing condition of visible window When the visible windows is opened, or When the fluorescent light is on working, the UV light will be closed automatically. When the blower begin to work and then the UV light will be off after air laminar flow is created. (U.V & alarm are optional.)


PLC based controller 30,200/- extra (with U.V light, DP switches, proxy sensor & alarm.)
DP switches for air flow monitoring with alarm 10,000/- extra.
UV light with timer 2500/- extra.

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