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We are the leading manufacturer of tissue culture rack in India. Our tissue culture racks are widely used for various tissue culture laboratory applications. We specialize in both standard and customized models, specifically designed to meet the challenging demands of various scientists for individual and specialized research applications. Over a short period of time RASAYAN brand have been established as reliable exporters of tissue culture in India. Apart from that we are supplying our tissue culture rack in India, catering to a variety of customers.

RASAYAN tissue culture


RASAYAN make Tissue Culture Rack is used extensively for tissue culture plants and other tissue culture work in tissue culture room. Tissue culture rack offered by us is manufactured from tubular mild steel angles or aluminum and is duly painted for durability. Plant Tissue Culture Rack comes in various specifications with four fluorescent light tubes built at the upper portion of work table. Our tissue culture pack is available with UV germicidal lights that are fitted inside the rack and its fluorescent tube chocks as well as germicidal tube chocks are fitted outside the rack. It possess 24 hour digital timer along with control panels of tissue culture rack. It comes with four nos. castor wheels for easy mobility.

Other Details:-

Tissue culture racks are very useful for various types of tissue culture plants and other tissue culture work in tissue culture room.

A  control  panel  is  provided  individual  light  switch  cum indicator, ON/OFF switch, cord plug, digital timer, etc.

Made By :- Tissue rack are made of mild steel or aluminum angles duly painted for longer life.

Racks Specification: – Each rack of size 48″x18″ (depth) is covered with thick hylem sheet or sun mica paste dour board or acrylic. Distance between each rack is 18″.

Lighting :- Four fluorescent tubes are glare free lights are built in upper portion in worktable.

UV Germicidal Light: – One UV light are fitted inside each rack.

Chocks :- All   fluorescent   tubes   chocks   and   ultra   violet germicidal tube chocks are fitted out side of rack.

Timer :- 0-24  Hours  Digital  Timers  are  provided  of  tissue culture rack.

Control Panels :- control panels are fitted tops of tissue culture racks (as per the Model).

Switch of fluorescent tubes and UV tubes. All control panels are fitted separately in each rack with indicator light.(as per the model.)

Easy  Mobility :- The  whole  rack  is  provided  with  four  nos. castor wheels at the bottom for easy mobility to any place.

Available in no of size :-

  • Unit of FOUR shelves with 16 Florescent tubes 4 U.V. LIGHTS
  • Unit of FIVE with 20 Fluorescent tubes 5 U.V.LIGHTS
  • Unit of SIX with 24 Fluorescent tubes 6 U.V. LIGHTS

Other sizes may also be available as per user’s requirements.


  1. Sun day light (Xenon light)
  2. Timer with graphical output
  3. Timer with RS 232 with computer interface with data logging provided

Technical Specification:

Model no Working shelves description
RTC4M tissue culture rack 4 working shelves 4 floroscent tube light +1 u.v
RTC5M tissue culture rack 5 working shelves 5 floroscent tube light +1 u.v
RTC6M tissue culture rack 6 working shelves 6 floroscent tube light +1 u.v