RASAYAN viscosity bath has inner chamber made of heavy gauge S.S 304 & outer camber made of powder coated heavy gauge CRC sheet. (GMP model also available) Glass window for easy viewing to the viscometer placed inside bath. Microprocessor based PID controller with Dual digital displays for showing set point and actual bath temperature. Controller has facility for Select temperature scale – Fahrenheit or Celsius. RASAYAN viscosity bath series with advanced temperature control circuitry determinations. Microprocessor PID circuitry assures precise, reliable temperature control within ASTM specified tolerances throughout the operating range of the bath.

Simple push-button controls and dual digital displays permit easy setting and monitoring of bath temperature. Two place calibration offset capability is provided. Baths accommodate seven glass capillary viscometers of various types. Viewing the viscometers is made easy by glare-free fluorescent illumination inside the bath and a baffle that provides a background for easy viewing.(optional) Temperature control uniformity is assured by means of motorized stirrer cum circulating pump which provides complete circulation without turbulence. Connection of the built-in cooling coil to tap water or a re-circulating water chiller facilitates temperature control at ambient or below ambient temperatures.

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Bath Construction and Safety Features :-

Bath chamber is a clear Pyrex vessel enclosed in a polyester-epoxy finished steel housing. Top working surface has seven 2″ (51mm) viscometer ports (port as per users requirement.) Front viewing window assures safe, distortion-free viewing. Microprocessor based PID temperature controller.

Features :

  • LED 7 segments dual DISPLAY, resolution 0.1 °C
  • Keypad for set points, warning/safety values and menu functions.
  • PID temperature controller for accurate temperature controlling.
  • Pt100 External sensor connection for measurement and control
  • In built Circulating pump for uniform temperature.
  • ISI marked stirrer & circulating pump.
  • ISI marked indicators & switches.
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Round Viscometer Bath

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