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flocculation mixer manufacturers


Flocculation is a natural or an artificial process of combining tiny elements in liquids to form large particle. Flocculation occurs when small particles lose their resistance and starts combining forming flakes. Flocculator in a laboratory is used to conduct relative study about the performance of various chemicals on water and chemicals and to conduct jar tests to evaluate coagulants and flocculants. We are one of the eminent manufacturers of adjustable flocculators in India. Flocculators are designed for use in both laboratories and in water plants where water is recycled using chemicals. It is of great help in defining the dose of chemicals to be added in accordance with the quality of water. Some of the features of our flocculator are: Vertical shaft flocculators are available i different dimensions to match popular needs of the laboratory industry Made out of quality material which makes it durable and long lasting Designed to match extended performance level in the market


RASAYAN flocculators are Fitted with D.C. MOTOR to work on 220 Volts A.C with Variable Speed from 20 R.P.M to 200 R.P.M approx.: RASAYAN Jar Test Apparatus allows efficient and economical flocculation matter and collides in general and also has been specially designed for use in water treatments to correctly estimate the dosing of alum and such other coagulants for treatment of Water sewage and floc formation test in Water Treatment plants. Heavy duty structural construction for rigidly and vibration-free base consists of fluorescent tube mounted below translucent plastic plate to provide diffused cold light to floc Samples The gear chain for multiple spindle Drive gives same speed for all the stainless steel stirring paddle approx. 1″ x 3″ are attached to the rod having 10″ long approx.: with lighting knob at top permit adjustment of paddle height spacing of approx.: 6″ in between rods permits use to 1000 ml glass Beaker which rest directly on bench. Cap. 1 litre to 2 litre For flocculation (jar) tests on water and effluent samples. The RASAYAN flocculators accommodates up to six samples and is specially designed for repeatable conditions between samples and from run to run. A digital display clearly indicates the speed of the rotational stainless steel paddles, which can be varied from 25 to 250rpm. The digital timer can be set to count down from 1 to 99 minutes. After count down, the paddles stop and an alert sounds. The timer then counts up in minutes in order to measure time. A control panel is provided with various indicators lick ON/OFF switch cord plug, RPM indicator, RPM regulator etc.

Other Details:-


  • PLC based controlling.
  • Chin & gear drive unit.