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The RASAYAN HOT AIR OVEN has been designed to dry samples/glass wares or to perform dry heat sterilization in a laboratory. Lab Hot Air Oven are suitable for various applications in the fields of agricultural, medical and industrial researches for heating, drying, sterilizing and baking in laboratories, hospitals and industries.


The inner chamber of the Hot Air Oven is made of stainless steel and outside body is made of MS, duly painted/powder coated. A gap of 75 mm. filled with good quality of insulated material in between the inner and outer chamber has been kept to prevent loss of temperature due to environmental condition. Perforated shelves, made of S.S. have been provided to get the temperature uniformity in all around the chamber and to place the sample on it. Heating element of 2000 watt (wattage may vary depending upon the size/volume of the ovens) has been fitted in all the three sides to heat the inner chamber uniformly. Blower (if opted), fitted with best quality heavy motor has been provided to circulate the inside air to make the inside environment uniform and also to provide forced dry air to the samples to get dry sooner and uniformly. Exhaust holes have also been provided at the sides of the incubator to release the pressure due to hot air. These holes may also be used to calibrate/validate the incubators. Temperature inside the chamber is controlled precisely with the help of a thermostat/microprocessor based Digital Temperature Controller cum Indicator, which is provided on the panel and its temperature probe (PT –100) is placed inside the chamber to view the temperature inside the chamber. In thermostatic model, temperature inside the chamber is monitored with the help of “L” shaped glass thermometer.

Other Details:-

  • Features:
  1. Shelves: – S.S made shelves (as per model)
  2. Heating elements: – NICROM wire type or fins type heater (as per model.)
  3. Temperature deviation: – + 1c (set temperature) (+ 5 c for thermostatic model)
  4. Temperature uniformity: – 2 c (for the range less than 150 c) (5 c for the range above 150 c )all around the Chamber.
  5. Power supply: – 230V + 10 % AC 50 Hz
  6. Instruction manual to be provided for easy operating & maintenance.
  7. Temperature range:-+5 C from ambient to 250 C
  8. Temperature sensitivity: – + 1C or better.
  9. Temperature Control: By digital Dual display Temperature controller with PT 100 sensor
  • Available In Different Working Sizes:
  1. 12”x12”x12”
  2. 14”x14”x14”
  3. 18”x18”x18”
  4. 24”x24”x24”
  5. 24”x24”x36’



Fan: – ISI marked motor with fan for uniform temperature. 2500/- extra

Temperature controller: – PPI make digital PID controller come indicator 4000/- extra.