HOLYSCIENTIFIC is one of the leading science equipment manufacturer & exporter our equipments are widely used in many industries like laboratory sterilization, clean room, microbiology, pathology, bio technology, pharmaceuticals, seed & soil testing, metallurgical, food processing and many more. Cloud & pour point apparatus is widely used in oil and petroleum industries.

Usages :-

Cloud point and pour point are indicators of the lowest temperature of utility for petroleum products. The sample is periodically examined while it is being cooled in the cloud and pour point apparatus. When oil cooled slowly, the temperature at which it appears hazy or cloudy is known as cloud point. The temperature at which oil stops flowing even after tilting the glass containing the oil under test to a horizontal position for 5 seconds is known as pour point.

cloud pour points determined by pour point apparatus. the lubricating oil sample is filled (to a height of 2’’ to 2) in a flat bottom glass tube of 30 mm in diameter and 120mm in height. The tube is covered tightly by cork stopper. The glass tube is enclosed by air jacket the whole assembly is dipped in a freezing mixture. The freezing mixture depends on the working temperature range of the apparatus.

Cloud & Pour Point Apparatus
cloud for 2021


  • RASAYAN cloud & pour point apparatus confirms ASTM D-97, ASTM-D5853 and related specs.
  • Compaq design. Table top and floor both models available.
  • CFC free Vapor compressor based refrigeration system with preset cold bath
  • Individual digital temperature controller for each chamber
  • Temperature : 0 °C,-17 °C, -34 °C,-51 °C and -65 °C
  • Power Supply : 230 volts, single phase, 50 Hz


RASAYAN cloud & pour is made according to specification laid by IP by 15 & ASTM D 97. The Pour Point is lowest temperature at which the oil will just fail to flow. The apparatus consists main cooling bath made out of S.S. Sheet and stand Unit with drain Plug and cover has provision for fitting thermometer and a filling adventure for adding freezing mixture. A Glass Jar for containing Oils, Jackets, Disc and gasket as specified are also provided. Bench-model and floor-model test units with multiple four-jacket mechanically refrigerated baths, each factory preset at a different temperature for convenient cloud and pour point testing. Bench model has three baths, set at +30, 0, and –30°C floor model has four baths, set at +30, 0, –30 and –60°C. Each bath has a S.S made top plate with ports for thermometer and four copper test jackets. Synthetic sponge covers over each top plate and gasket hoods over each bath prevent excessive ice accumulation around the test jackets. Cascade hermetic refrigeration system provides reliable long term service. Bath interior and cabinet is constructed entirely of stainless steel. Cloud & Pour Point Appratus, Floor model rides on swivel castors. Supplied with test jackets, gaskets, disks, and thermometer holders for test jars and cooling baths.

Standard Models:-

Model No* Test position No.of tank Temperature range
RCP1A 2/4 as per requirement Single 00C to -650C
RCP2A Two 00C and -170C
RCP3A Three 00C ,-170C and -340C
RCP4A Four 0°C, -17°C, -34°C, -51°C.
RCP5A Five 0°C, -17°C, -34°C, -51°C and -65°C

Technical Specification:-

Testing procedure meets As per ASTM D97( Pour) & ASTM D 2500 (Cloud)
Model Floor / table top type
Temperature range Refer STANDARD MODELS
Temperature control + 2°C
Ambient Temp. Recommendation < 25.0°C
Display Resolution & Control Sensitivity 0.1°C
Control Readout Actual and Set point
Controller Digital Microprocessor based PID/ON-OFF
Sensor Pt 100 (RTD)- 3 wire
Stirrer Maintain temperature uniformity (optional if required)
Cooling up to -35°C CFC free Single stage refrigeration system for each tank
Cooling below -35°C CFC free Double stage (Cascade) refrigeration system for each tank
Heating Provided only for better accuracy (optional if required)
Alarm type Deviation High or Low
Inner tank Stainless steel 304 grade dully polished
Outer Mild steel CRCA sheet with powder coating
Test positions Refer STANDARD MODELS
Compressor Hermetically sealed Emerson make
Condensor Fin and tube air cooled
Refrigerant CFC Free R134a/ R404a & Suva 95
Insulation High density PUF – Poly Urethane Foam
Wheels For easy moving with front locking facility
Accessories Copper Jacket, Test jars, Disc, Gasket, Cork for each test positions of each tank
Power supply Single Phase – 230VAC, 50Hz
Optional Features
Voltage Stabilizer For refrigeration system
Thermometer As per IP IC
NABL Certified Calibration Certificate For temperature controller
Data Logging PC interface through RS232 Communication module

Note : Due to continues development and up gradation Holy scientific reserve all the rights to alter or discontinue specs without prior notice.


Oil and petroleum industries.

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