We M/S Holy Scientific are leading manufacturer of Humidity chamber in ahmedabad, gujarat, india. our Humidity chamber is useful for many lab experiment.

RASAYAN humidity chamber are double walled convection heated and cooled units which can maintain humidity & temperature very precisely. Outer body of our humidity chamber is constructed out of thick MS sheet duly pre-treated with primers powder coated.

The inner chamber of humidity chamber, Environmental chamber is made of heavy gauge stainless steel sheet of SS-304 grade . The gap between the walls is filled high grade mineral glass wool, which ensures maximum thermal efficiency in our walk in incubators.

Stability 600 400 - Shaking incubator manufacturer

our humidity chamber is provided with two doors, the inner door is made of thick plexi glass/float glass, to view the specimens/culture media/stocks, without disturbing the temperature of the chamber. This door is provided with magnetic door closer. The outer door is made of mild steel sheet lined with stainless steel from inside. This door is provided with lock and key arrangement. The unit is mounted on a sturdy steel frame The unit is provided with various customized shelves in various permutations and combinations to suit individual requirements.

Air Circulation Fan provided to make air circulation throughout the chamber for uniform temperature.

  • Heating/ cooling /Humidity :

 Indirect heating system is provided in our units, comprising of air heaters made of high grade Kanthal A-1 wires of suitable wattage.

  • Cooling:

An energy efficient cooling unit is installed in our temperature and humidity control cabinet s to enable bio chemical demand, cyclic and growth studies at lower room temperatures. We use ISI marked high end CFC free Hermitically Sealed.

Compressors of Kirloskar make.

  • Humidity:

Humidity generation provision is incorporated in our humidity chamber. The humidity is generated by means of aerosol humidity generator with efficient humidity controller cum indicator.

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