We M/S holy scientific are leading laminar air flow manufacturing company established on 1969. our company is situated at ahmedabad gujarat india.

RASAYAN Mack Laminar air flow constructed of quality all-welded stainless steel OR mild steel with a pharmaceutical grade finish. The fluorescent light housing is externally mounted to provide optimum lighting into the work area. The acrylic top and side panels allow for additional ambient light and visibility into the work area. Our Spill Guard feature is utilized in the rear and sides of the full-width work area. The Curve Flex forearm support feature provides operator comfort.

Our laminar air flow consist of stainless steel stands are available at a fixed sitting (30″) or standing (36″) work height. For further ergonomic considerations, adjustable stands are available with manual height adjustment. For additional information and available options please refer to the unit specification sheet.

Application of laminar air flow :-

  • Life Science Research

The clean work area provides an excellent work space for small laboratory appliances, microscopes, pipe ting, or similar.

  • Pharmacy

For use in compounding sterile drug preparations or IV Admixture preparation.

  • Animal or Plant

For procedures requiring work-in-progress protection from Outside potentially harmful contaminants.

laminar air flow manufacturers in India

Features :

  • Working table made of stainless steel. (s.s.304).
  • HEPA filter of 0.3µ of an efficiency of 99.97% down to 0.3µ media is of dry fiber & made of pleats back & forth in an anodized aluminum frame.
  • Pre filter (10µ) of dry fiber washable type with the frame on all the sides.
  • Confirm international standers 209E.
  • Statically balanced motor blower assembly.
  • Velocity at the out put of heap is 90 + 20 FPM
  • Noise level is very low.
  • Vibration is also very low.
  • Normal working florescent light.
  • Static pressure manometer.
  • U.V. light.
  • Front & side door of acrylic sheet. (Transparent.)
  • Gas cock.