Environmental Lab Testing Equipment

Trust Holy Scientific to supply an extensive collection of varied environmental lab testing equipment including Spectro Photo Meter, SDI Kit, UV Cabinet and an assortment of laboratory equipment parts to measure up with public health and safety, consumer product testing, as well as environmental testing applications. Environmental testing can identify and quantify compounds and pollutants in air, water, or soil. Alternatively, environmental lab testing can verify that a product or piece of equipment will perform as expected once it is out in the real world. Distinguished environmental labs including Spectro Photo Meter, Turbidity, TDS, Environmental lab testing equipment, PH, Muffle Furnace, Dry Block Heater, SDI Kit, TCLP Rotary Agitator and U.V. Cabinet are anticipated to lead the expansion of the environmental lab testing equipment industry. Environmental labs also conducts quality control and assurance by implementing tests like contamination analysis, emissions testing, water quality testing, soil testing, trace analysis, waste characterization, organic and inorganic analysis, metals analysis, toxicology testing, etc.