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COD Digester is the most accepted Thermo reactor for Determination of Chemical Oxygen Demand in Various Substances. Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) is a Measure of the Capacity of Water to Consume Oxygen during the Decomposition of Organic Matter and the Oxidation of Inorganic Chemicals such as Ammonia and Nitrite. COD Measurements are commonly made on Samples of Waste Waters or of Natural Waters Contaminated by Domestic or Industrial Wastes. Chemical Oxygen Demand is measured as a Standardized Laboratory assay in which a closed Water Sample is incubated with a Strong Chemical Oxidant under Specific Conditions of Temperature and for a Particular Period of Time.


Our cod Digester is specially designed as per IS & ASTM standard suitable for 15- tubes or 24 tubes. COD digester is used for chemical oxygen demand method for monitoring waste water influent and industrial process water. Digester block made out of high quality Alluminium or S.S The Cod Digester is provided with highly insulated between block & exterior which is made out of G.I powder coated or M.S powder coated finish. The Cod Digester is equipped with microprocessor based PID controller with dual display seven segments four digit digital controller cum indicator with timer of 120 minute with alarm. The digester block is suitable for 38 mm diameter tubes and 600 mm height air condenser.

Other Details:-

  1. Chemical Oxygen Demand Digester Designed for digestion of COD test samples and multi-function dry bath heating.
  2. Precise temperature control from ambient +5 °C to 150 °C with ±1 °C accuracy.
  3. User’s self compensation functions for temperature to counter for difference between block temperature and sample temperature.
  4. Fitted with Microprocessor Based Digital Temperature
  5. Indicator cum Controller for auto control with respect to time and temperature and is also fitted with in-built buzzer timer for auto time control to indicate cycle end.
  6. Microprocessor Based Digital Temperature Indicator cum Controller having dual four digit seven segment digital display for set value and process value.
  7. Recessed well/cavity accommodates aluminium or S.S insert block.
  8. Samples after being digested for 2 hours can be analyzed using calorimeter or conventional titration method.
  1. Temperature Range: +5°C form ambient to 150 °C/ 250°C/ 450°C (As per model & application)
  2. Temperature Sensitivity: +/- 1° c or better.
  3. Resolution: 0.1° C
  • Optional :
  1. Universal data logger.
  2. We are also manufacturing 6,9,12,18,21,24, Sample COD Digestion
  3. We are also manufacturing by GMP (Complete S.S.)