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heating mantle 500 ml manufacturers


RASAYAN offer a wide range of Lab Heating Mental that is manufactured using high grade raw materials such as glass sieves which are reinforced and further insulated with the help of glass wool fitted with energy regulator lamp. For a better convenience this equipment is supported by an on/off switch with a plug and cord. The RASAYAN mantle is the most compact mantle with an M.S or S.S shell that can heat flasks up to 10 liters. This mantle has a durable M.S or S.S housing outside and resilient glass fabric inside to support flasks and protect flask walls from thermal strain. Only the bottom of the flask is covered so the contents being heated are fully visible. The mantle is grounded through the aluminum housing and requires a support as shown below. We bring forth a wide variety of Heating Mantles which are extensively used in laboratories to apply heat to containers. Our Laboratory Heating Mantle is available with a sturdy aluminum body. Its epoxy powder finish makes it a distinguished product. The Heating mantle which we offer is best suited for round bottom flask. Proper electric wiring makes certain that no short circuit takes place. The high temperature range of 2500C degrees Celsius makes our Heating Mantles ideal for industrial use. We are a leading company engaged in Flexible Fabric Heating Mantles Manufacturing in Ahmadabad.


These mantels are used for non hazardous safe areas. Mantels are designed to cover flasks at the equator and to heat the flask uniformly. These can be used to heat liquids up to 300oC. Heating elements are perfectly insulated by glass sleeving & ceramic beads.

Other Details:-


  • Aluminum body with epoxy powder coat finish.
  • Fiber glass net with long lasting nichrome heating element.
  • High grade glass wool insulation.
  • Suitable for round bottom flask.
  • Energy regulator with corresponding lamp indicator to control the temperature.
  • Temperature Range: Up to 2500C degrees Celsius.
  • Digital temperature display. (Optional)
  • Element temperature range of ambient to + 250 °C.
  • Indication lamp for heater ON/OFF.
  • Electrical: 230 V, 50 Hz, single phase.
  • Heating Mantles is round in shape, inside made of fiberglass yarn.
  • Outer body is made of aluminum and finished with powder coated paint.
  • Heated with high quality nichrome coil with and insulated with high-density glass wool insulation.
  • Portable, easy to handle and operate Sunbeam Indian best quality energy regulator
  • Also available with bottom outlets.
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