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Beakers and Erlenmeyer flasks can be heated directly on a hot plate. These containers have a flat bottom and heat will be spread evenly throughout the solution especially if the solution is also stirred. Controlling the temperature of the solution is more difficult when using direct heating. Even low temperature settings on the hot plate may reach temperatures in excess of 100°C and the temperature of the plate will fluctuate due to air currents or room temperature changes. When the container does not have a flat surface or more control over the temperature is required, indirect heating should be used. To indirectly heat a container, set up a bath on the hot plate. Assemble a bath by placing a liquid or solid in a large beaker (or a similar container). The bath is heated and the sample is placed in the bath. Selection of the liquid or solid can help to control the temperature of the bath. If a sample is not to be heated above 100°C, then water can be used in the bath (since liquid water cannot be heated above its boiling point). Likewise, other liquids could be chosen to control the maximum temperature. Liquids should not be flammable or present any other hazards. Remember to replace the liquid as it evaporates. Sand is a common solid used in heating baths. Sand can be heated to very high temperatures without having to be replaced due to evaporation. NOTE:-NEVER heat a volumetric flask. You might change its volume by distorting the glass. APPLICATION We are the manufacturers of a superior range of hot plates that have been created for drying liquids, chemical etc., field of medical, agricultural, industrial, research laboratories and hospitals & General laboratory purpose drying liquid, chemical etc.


Body is fabricated out of thick mild steel sheet duly finished in white stoving enamel/powder coated paint with mat finished colour combinations. The hot plate made of cast iron or top is made of highly polished stainless steel sheet precisely machined & smoothed duly finished in heat resistant black paint is firmly mounted on the body. Heavy duty heating elements are securely layed under the late to operate on 220 V 50 Hz single phase. Temp. Is controlled by a three-heat rotary switch/energy regulator as per demand.

Other Details:-

Temperature Control / Range :
Temperature Range: 5°C to 2500C


  1. Sunvik energy regulator will be providing against routine regulator.
  2. Digital temp. Indicator-cum-controller.
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