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Bomb calorimeters are devices used to determine the heat generated by combustion. The heat of combustion is an important quantity since the combustion of fuels forms the main source of energy for industrial and domestic purposes. Combustion is always accompanied by the evolution of heat. The amount of heat evolved when one mole of a substance is burned completely in oxygen is known as the heat of combustion (or enthalpy change of combustion). For practical purpose, the relative effectiveness of a fuel is expressed more often in terms of its calorific value which is the amount of heat evolved per kilogram of the substance. With the help of bomb calorimeter user can easily determine the calorific value of solid and liquid combustible materials. The information gathered from a bomb calorimeter during, Bomb calorimeter manufacturer a chemical reaction or combustion tells scientists whether certain products are safe for use and the quality level of each product being tested.

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we are the leading manufacturer of bomb calorimeter in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India.

our Bomb calorimeter is the equipment which is useful for determination of calorific value of liquid & solid combustible material.


We are the leading manufacturer of BOMB CALORIMETER in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. Our bomb calorimeters are widely used for day to day determination of Calorific value Liquids & Solids. RASAYAN make bomb calorimeter is specifically designed to meet the challenging demands of various scientists for individual and specialized research applications. Over a short period of time RASAYAN brand have been established as reliable exporters of bomb calorimeter in India. Apart from that we are supplying our bomb calorimeter in India, catering to a variety of customers ranging from Defense Installations, Research Laboratories, Educational Institutes and various R and D laboratories of leading national and multinational companies.

  • Calorimeter Vessel : 

The Vessel is made of copper and is chromium plated or includes a Bomb support that ensures proper positioning of Bomb in the vessel. 

  • Water Jacket : 

The outer container of jacket is made of copper and is chromium plated both inside and outside or SS. The top of the container made of M.S or S.S with electrical connector so that connections can be made from the firing control

  • Offset Stirrer : 

The stirring mechanism supplied gives sufficient turbulence for effective stirring, whilst no heat is imparted to the calorimeter water. It consists of an impeller driven by a stirrer at a constant speed. The offset arrangement whereby the motor drives the impeller via belt precludes any possibility of heat transference between motor and Calorimeter Vessel contents.

  • Electronic Firing Unit with Digital Thermometer : 

The unit incorporates a Digital Thermometer for the precise measurement of the Rise in Temp. and an electronic circuitry that provided an electrical means for firing the samples. Socket for stirrer & terminals for fuse wire are also provided at the back side of the unit.

Microprocessor based temperature indicator with automatic temperature rise detection & calculation with Buzzer intimation at the time of end of process.

  • Crucible : 

Various types of crucible are available but the standard supplied with the outfit being a stainless steel crucible of 8ml. capacity which fits in the standard support ring provided with the outfit.

  • Oxygen supply :

push type of valve for oxygen supply to help the sample super fast burning

Application of Bomb Calorimeter

  • Fuel testing : Bomb calorimeters are used to test the calorific value of solid and liquid fuels, which are traded based on that value. Fuels such as coal and oil must meet regulations specifying the total calorific value, quality and purity of the fuel. Liquid fuels like gasoline and kerosene are also tested by bomb calorimetry. The measure of energy give-off by the fuel is determined by the fuel’s heat of combustion.
  • Metabolic Studies: Bomb calorimeter can be used to determine the calorie content of a product.
    This process is used in food and metabolic studies to examine the effects of energy content in food on humans and animals. These studies have implications that extend into nutritional considerations and health concerns regarding the effects of diet on the body.
  • Propellant and Explosive Testing: Propellants and explosives are tested using a bomb
    calorimeter to find each product’s heat of detonation. Propellants typically burn predictably at a steady rate, while explosives are unstable and exert a huge amount of pressure with the induction of the chemical reaction — information about both of these processes are identified with bomb calorimetry.
  • Waste and Refuse Disposal: The cement industry is one of several industries that use hazardous
    waste as an alternative fuel. However, the use of hazardous waste as fuel is regulated by the government, including the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Bomb Calorimetry is used to determine whether hazardous waste fuel meets those regulations and is safe and appropriate for use.
  • Educational Training: This is another use of bomb calorimeters which is in education training.
    Calorimetry is being studied in university-level science courses and also in some high school classes.


Bomb calorimeter are used in Coal industries and coal user industries like Coal powered power station, Steel plants, Metal forging industries, Cement plants, Paper mills, Dyeing industries, Textiles etc.

RASAYAN Bomb calorimeter Features

  • Automatic calculation facility.
  • User interaction massage on display.
  • Automatic temperature Rise detection and fire facility.
  • Automatic temperature Peak detection.
  • Thermal printer (optional)
  • Computer interface through USB port (optional)
  • Sensor fails detection.
  • Real time clock (only available with printer and PC communication model)
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