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We manufacture a wide range of Incubators including Bacteriological Incubator, which in itself is a complete Incubator for cells and tissues. These dependable incubators provide option for different temperature ranges with uniformity to meet the special incubating needs. Our range of compact, low-cost incubators are perfect for bacteriological cultures, hematology studies etc. Manufactured from quality raw material, our ranges of incubators are available in different models and capacities at the most competitive prices. This is a complete microbiological incubator for cell and tissue cultures. The incubator provides ideal conditions for all microbiological tasks due to precise temperature control and advanced design. These are micro-controller based bacteriological incubators for laboratory usage.


An incubator provides conditions for optimal growth of microbiology cultures. Natural or forced air convection maintains a constant, even temperature in a range from a few degrees above room temperature to as high as 700C. Microbiology incubators come in a wide range of sizes and shapes – even tiny bench top incubators for micronfuge tubes. Microbiology incubators are often underutilized. They can be used for many applications beyond traditional bacterial culture, such as temperature dependent incubations, enzymatic reactions or for reagent storage. Programmable controls and refrigeration are some of the additional features available in incubators on the market today.

Other Details:-

Technical specification :

  • Outer body: – Mild steel sheet duly powder coated.
  • Inner body: – heavy gauge Stainless steel of 304 quality.(as per model)
  • High density glass wool as insulation.
  • Acrylic door inside for easy viewing samples without disturbing temperature inside or glass window on door as per model.(optional)
  • Temperature range:- 50C above ambient to 700 C
  • Power supply: – 230 V, 1 phase, 50 Hz
  • Heating : – fins type S.S tubular heater
  • Controller: – microprocessor based digital PID controller cum indicator.(only in digital model)
  • Sensor: – highly accurate RTD (PT 100) type sensor inside the chamber. .(only in digital model)
  • Display: – 7 segment 4 digit dual LED display for set point & process value. .(only in digital model)
  • Shelves: – S.S rod made shelves.
  • Control panel with power & heater ON/OFF indication pilot lamp.
  • Solid state relay with heat sink for overload protection.
  • ISI marked motor with blower for uniform temperature. (optional)
  • Door gasket for reducing heat loss.
  • Door with press type locking system.
  • Calibration port.
  • Exhaust port for fume exhausting.
  • Alarm with timer (optional)

Temperature Range:5°C to 70 °C
Emperature Sensitivity: +/- 1° c or better

Optional :
Universal data logger 25,200/- extra
PPI PID based programmable controller with original sensor Temperature Accuracy: < 0.5 °C : – Rate: 5800/- nett extra
ISI marked motorized blower 3000/- extra.Air circulation fan 2000/-
Acrylic door inside 1000/-extra.