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fume hood manufacturers in ahmedabad


Laboratory fume hoods are one of the most important components used to protect laboratory personnel from exposure to hazardous chemicals and agents used in the laboratory. When used properly, it exhausts toxic, offensive or flammable materials when the contaminants of an experimental of procedure fail & vapors or dust escape from the apparatus being used. Safety in the Laboratory is a primary concern. The Supreme air series of fume hoods meet the challenge with a high degree of efficiency. A wide variety of models and comprehensive option packages have been designed to enable you to tailor your fume hood to a specific application.


RASAYAN Fuming hood Are available with variety of lining and work surface like SS (316), PVC, Ceramic tiles polypropylene etc. Our fume hood is equipped with thick glass sash suspended on safe device. It is provided with counter balance load for easy up and down movement. RASAYAN fume hoods Are aerodynamically designed which provides most efficient airflow to the suction. double wall construction which provides easy maintenance, access to service like Water gas, electricity etc. Are Provided with support base having provision for air vent connection to evacuate tapped chemical vapor inside. Cool white florescent provided at the top for clear vision inside working area.

Other Details:-

Our fume hoods are provided with switch for easy starting of the centrifugal fan & illumination light. High quality PVC pipes & accessories are used for FC ducting. We are using centrifugal PP/FRP, Alluminium (PP/FRP along with plastic or acid proof construction only.) Blowers for Exhaust system of FC, three or single phase motor (capacity according to need) is coupled with blower. ISI marked DOL stator for three phase motor operating.

Cup board with decorative door & handle for storing the material at the bottom side of working area at optional. Our fume hood is equipped with ISI marked internal Electrical connection of 5 & 15 amps. For run extra equipments like hotplate, stirrer etc. inside the working area. Sink with water tap connection, & other utility connection like gas & air connection inside the chamber provided as per users requirement.

Baffles at the back side of working area for suction all the fume generate inside the chamber.


  1. Ducting system made of PVC RS.600/- per feet extra.
  2. Sliding type sash made of toughened glass or polycarbonate with counter balanced system.
  3. M.S made stand duly powder coated with rust free paint powder with castor wheel.
  4. AC Drive for regulating the CFM of centrifugal blower.
  5. HF proof non metallic fully polypropylene made model also available at extra cost
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