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Stability 600 400 - Shaking incubator manufacturer


Seed germinators are used for conducting a number of experiments on different types of seeds under varying conditions of humidity and temperature. Using seed germinators, varying ER conditions can be created within the chamber without the need of going outside. Apart from the usual germination applications, these seed germinators are also used for other testing applications involving plants, tissues, micro-organisms, electronic components, etc. Seed germinators are also used in enzyme reaction studies, tissue culture applications, growth observation studies, fermentation analysis and several other specialized applications in laboratories Seed germinators are designed in such a way that they are able to control the crucial environmental parameters like humidity, temperature and illumination. Advanced technologies based on microprocessors are used for this purpose, which help create almost perfect and accurate environmental conditions ideal for any given germination study. They are made of double walled structure having two chambers, one inner and outer. The main component of a see germinator includes a germinating cylinder and a temperature controller. Seed germination can be of various types. For research purpose there is research seed germinators and there are economical germinators that are used as sprinters in different tissue culture industries and agro based industries.


Seed germinators are useful for seed testing, biological studies, forestry research works. BETTER TECHNOLOGY & BEST QUOLITY WITH FAST SERVICE •Precise control of environmental parameters •Corrosion resistant interior & exteriors With a solid see thru double walled door and a full view inner plexi-glass door enables inspection and monitoring of inner chamber specimens without disturbing the process temperature. Excellent quality magnetic gum packing door gasket for external door. User- oriented design of shelves makes you adjust each space of shelves without difficulty. Forced air circulation at triple walled back by durable coaxial blower, maintains optimum temperature uniformity and homogeneity. High grade PUF INSULATION between outer and inner chamber for minimal thermal losses. Caster wheel mounted for easy portability. Front double walled door is provided with lock and key arrangement. Door operated illumination lamp is fitted inside the chamber for easy visibility. Finned tube evaporator facilitates uniform and faster cooling effects. Safety Thermostat to prevent overheating.

Other Details:-

Available In Different Sizes       

No. Dimension Volume CU.FT Capacity NO. of Shelves DOORS
1. 455x410x610 4 112 4 1
2. 505x415x830 6.1 171 6 1
3. 570x550x875 10 280 8 2
4. 650x580x900 12 336 14 2
5. 700x640x900 15 420 14 2
6. 700x640x970 16 450 14 2


  • Sun day light (Xenon light)
  • Timer with graphical output
  • Timer with RS 232 with computer interface with data logging provided