In todays morden world many products are classified as hazardous waste when they are disposed at the end of their useful life. These products contain materials that are corrosive, flammable, reactive or toxic

During the procedure of stacking or treating the solid waste with toxicity characteristic, with leaching in the water, the toxic substances in the solid waste will migrate and transform to pollute the environment. The Toxicity Characteristic Leaching Procedure is the wild or lab simulation of this natural process.

Toxicity Characteristic Leaching Procedure :-

Toxicity characteristic leaching procedure method is one of approved method used to access the soil contamination concentration. this method is useful to determine the potential of specific wastes to leach dangerous concentrations of toxic chemicals into ground water. TCLP estimate how much of toxic content would be released into land fill leaching under ordinary condition.

Use of rotary agitator in TCLP :-

During TCLP, rotary agitators are required. RASAYAN Rotary agitators are used for continuously ‘agitating’ stored liquids, to prevent the liquids from settling and separating into its various components, assuring a uniform liquid consistency. RASAYAN rotary agitator is the result of developments from a line of preceding agitators, including the aerating agitator, flotation apparatus and the agitator suction tube combination.

Technical specs.:-

Capacity 4,6,8 sample
Agitator housing M.S powder coated
rotary spindle S.S 304
Hand wheel knob Plastic with brass thread insert
Electrical 230 volt single phase
Motor 60 watts, right angle shaft motor
Speed 30 RPM
Speed regulation Rotary knob type
RPM indicator Digital seven segment LED