We M/S holy scientific are leading manufacturer of cloud & pour point apparatus in ahmedabad, gujarat india.

RASAYAN cloud & pour point apparatus is made according to specification laid by IP by 15 & ASTM D 97. The Pour Point is lowest temperature at which the oil will just fail to flow. The cloud & pour point apparatus apparatus consist of main cooling bath made out of S.S. Sheet and stand Unit with drain Plug and cover has provision for fitting thermometer and a filling adventure for adding freezing mixture. A Glass Jar for containing Oils, Jackets, Disc and gasket as specified are also provided.

Bench-model and floor-model test units with multiple jacketed mechanically refrigerated baths, each factory preset at a different temperature for convenient cloud and pour point testing. Bench model has three baths, set at +30, 0, and –30°C floor model has four baths, set at +30, 0, –30 ,-50 and –75°C. Each bath has a S.S made top plate with ports for thermometer and four copper test jackets. Synthetic sponge covers over each top plate and gasket hoods over each bath prevent excessive ice accumulation around the test jackets. Cascade hermetic refrigeration system provides reliable long term service. Bath interior and cabinet is constructed entirely of stainless steel. Floor model rides on swivel castors. Supplied with test jackets, gaskets, disks, and thermometer holders for test jars and cooling baths.


  • Tank made of Stainless Steel, 304 Grade and Dully Polished.
  • Outer made of Mild Steel, powder coated
  • Polyurethane Foam Insulation (PUF).
  • Heavy Duty Castor wheels for easy movement for floor model.
  • Provided with Copper jackets, with rubber felt/disks, gaskets, Test jars & Corks.
  • Provided drain cock.

Refrigeration System:-

  • Single stage refrigeration system for temperature up to +30°C, 0°C ,-30°C, & cascade refrigeration system for achieving below -50°C, -70°C  temperature
  • Hermetically sealed KIRLOSHKAR make compressor
  • CFC free refrigerant filled.
  • Fin and tube type air-cooled condenser.
  • Single phase- 230 Volts, 50 Hz.